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:: Miga news ::

 24 - 10 - 14 :: S A U D A D E ::

"Saudade" is a word difficult to define, which expresses a sense of melancholy, yearning or longing. A beautiful memory for what has been lived and painful because will not come back.

In this new work, [Miga51] "S A U D A D E", from Burdeos in our netlabel, all these feelings pile up while listening the 8 tracks that give shape to this release. Electronic music as way of expression and created to generate emotions..

 15 - 02 - 14 :: Cinema Roma ::

Javier Rubio returns to our netlabel with [Miga50] "Cine Roma", a release that was conceived to be the soundtrack for a documentary about an independent and historic movie theater (Cine Roma, l'Alfas del Pi, Spain) and was produced in parallel to it.

All of the tracks written, recorded, programmed and produced by Javier Rubio, contain samples recorded on the Roma Movie Theater by Enrique Salom and Javier Rubio.

 26 - 10 - 13 :: Sanguinem Mitto ::

Chin Yi is the musical project of Pablo Medina, an adventure that began in 2007 with its first digital autoproductions and then materialized as a band in 2009. Chin Yi's music revolves around the Post-punk, No Wave and Electronic Rock.

[Miga49] "Sanguinem Mitto EP" continues our strong commitment by the sound of bands, as original as unclassifiable.

 14 - 05 - 13 :: Structweird - Mod - E::

An exhaustive process of research and sound recording without endpoint. [Miga48] Structweird "Mod - E" represents the current projection of the work of an artist who is constantly in search of structures and textures far from standard.

A compendium of sound design, field recordings, glitch, noise and soundscapes bottled in this album of 8 tracks.

 24 - 09 - 12 :: Dramatic decline ::

It is always a pleasure to publish the work of artists we like; this is the case aitänna77, an artist who has published on netlabels as Error! Lo-Fi or Test Tube.

[Miga47] "El drama del descenso" is his third LP after [tube081] "Health Needs" (2007) and [lofi029] "Good Son Cakes" (2009) and in the words of aitänna77 "this work comes after a three year break in search of a new sound more dreamy and ethereal, without losing sight of the roots pop that crosses all songs".

 15 - 04 - 12 :: Pero la bomm ::

We again cross the Atlantic Ocean to get close the work of Argentine duo Los Automártin, formed by Sonsoles Romero and Martin Duarte, creative audiovisual with a foot in the production of sounds and images, that are augmented by continuous research to bring them to live.

Their reference [Miga_v21] The Automartin, with two videos "¡Pero la pucha!" and "Toasted-Bomm", where we can recreate with an entire imagery: synchronized rhythms and elements, basic shapes and grids, abstractions and colors, infinite patterns and hypnotic loops. Enjoy it.

 18 - 03 - 12 :: Rebalae... dangerous ::

After several joint releases Andrés Caramalo and Sr. Click come together again to offer [Miga46] "Peligro en el rebalae".

Eight tracks that continue the path of round beats and sharp lyrics started years ago increasing the list of high-level releases published by this peculiar duo.

 04 - 02 - 12 :: Gestural exercise ::

[Miga_v20] "El Gesto" (The Gesture) is a project, which is created as a visual arts reference in a research project. The aim of this research project is to interpret facial gestures. Creation and movement sequences of fixed images, linked to a three-dimensional animation are his offers. This is the main graphic resource of this work, together with the own esthetics, offered by gestural movement of human being.

Researchers show that 80 facial muscles are able to create more than 7000 facial expressions. Most of us can detect if somebody is happy, angry, amazed, frightened,... all these facial gestures create an esthetical range of movements that make us understand people’s mood and feelings.

This visual piece by Murfy is based on the theme music "Elles" released on [Miga26] No-More-Music Komite "Folk Hero".

 02 - 12 - 11 :: Logic, Tom Cary ::

[Miga45] "Las Hidden Logics" is the promised and expected 2nd album by Tom Cary, after "That's right clean your soul" (Anewlabel / Pias 2008) and the b-sides compilation [Miga38] "Grace of the pure hearts" (Miga / Popstock 2010). A strong album, dirty, corrosive and really surprising. The band had a pending challenge of capturing the intensity, saturation and adrenaline of their life shows in a record. Tom Cary’s bet was to transform their rehearsing room into a small studio where they could have enough time to take their sound to the tracks.

It’s been a hard work of many live recordings, layers and layers of noise, percussion and electronics that turn the volumeter in red and make your speakers and headphones vibrate from the very first second. Special mention should be made to the master touch of the great Paco Loco in the mixing. Pablo Garrido and Fran Verdugo recognize that without the firm commitment of the producer to keep the sound raw, organic and naive group, the disc would have been different.

Luckily for us, thanks to this colaboration, Tom Cary offers us their music as if it was transmitted from one of their electric and powerful life shows. 13 tracks which confirm them as our best-kept treasure.

 29 - 10 - 11 :: Texture music ::

After several releases for different labels and netlabels as Escala, Protea Records or Ionium Records, Madrid based musician David Mata aka Erissoma returns with a new release [Miga44] "Textures".

A subtle mixture of influences including contemporary classical music, experimental music and soundtrack, converge to give rise to these five tracks with which Erissoma keeps growing, mutating and evolving.

 17 - 09 - 11 :: eRA ::

Skeamo is a project of Jorge Sierra, a sensitive person which music permeates the atmosphere with emotions. This multidisciplinary artist, owner of Eclectik Recording, has performed works for movies, theater, commercials and dance, among others. Also highlight his role as visual artist performing the videoclips of most of his own works, proving to have a total creative control of his musical universe. Proof of this is [Miga_v19] "Angel A", which complements this release.

Under a band concept and several collaborations, Skeamo presents [Miga43] "eRA", 5 intimate songs where styles such as downtempo, jazz, glitch and trip hop converge. In this release you will find evocative soundscapes where the piano and female voices are the main characters. A trip into the personal universe of Jorge Sierra that becomes into dreams.

 18 - 01 - 11 :: Special place ::

Christian del Moral, aka Adapt, lives in Madrid where he combines his studies in sound engineering with a promising career. This is his second work after "Madrid", published in 2008 by Plataforma-LTW.

[Miga42] "Vamos a un lugar espacial" contains eight tracks in which Adapt bets on dubstep as a common thread of his discourse although using his own resources, care arrangements in voices and songs, approaching to other styles and providing a good dimension of the capability of this artist.

 27 - 11 - 10 :: From the cellar ::

It is not a coincidence that our music catalog is plenty of artists based in Cataluña, in the recent years a vast pro-audiovisual culture network has been developed there, mainly through independent initiatives that are bearing fruits such us festivals, platforms, cultural associations and, of course, musicians.

This is the case of Davic Nod, young producer based in Barcelona which debuts on our netlabel with his work [Miga41] "Some music from the cellar". An excellent EP in which its producer bets for an evocative and pleasant electronic music, with songs that, after a first listening, seem to have always been among our record collection.

The song "Mi nube" from this release is a collaboration with the composer Gabriela Parra, and a remix of this song completes this release as a bonus track.

 14 - 07 - 10 :: Cromosoma ABCD ::

Sustainer is the alter ego of Alex Alarcón, a musician from Barcelona with an extensive music career that starts in 2003 with his own first album "Cuantico", edited on Italic label. Afterwards he has published in lots of labels and netlabels such us: Thinner, ++Sensor, AudioAtalaia y Escala Netlabel, making up an extended and well-guided catalogue.

[Miga40] "Cromosoma" is a minimalistic exercise that follows the line established on his last work [escala1:5] "Vertice", in which Alex explores the most experimental side of his own music. Vibrant, hypnotic microdub with ambient landscapes rounded by warm atmospheres.

Sustainer is part of an extensive group of national indispensable artists, distiguished by their quality and perseverance.

 26 - 04 - 10 :: Caramalo & Click ::

Here comes Sr. Click again, now accompanied by the MC Andrés Caramalo, from Malaga, with whom he colaborates assiduosly. This is his second work after "Caracol murder music" E.P, published in 2007 on Minifú netlabel (Phlow.es)

[Miga39] "Líbranos del bien" contains 6 tracks with which this project retrieves its own formula of round bases and sharp-edged lyircs. Andrés perfectly moves between Sr. Click´s beats, with this special brightness that enlightens all his works.

Unabashed hiphop, acid,satiric and full of ironic doses.

 10 - 03 - 10 :: Heart freecore ::

Tom Cary are Pablo Garrido (a.k.a. Naïfloop), Francisco Verdugo and Javier Muñoz. Their first work "That’s right! Clean your soul" - produced by Steve Albini -, together with an excellent life performance have allowed them to get a lot of prizes and to perform at important festivals all around the world. Far from the mainstream, they’ve been able to manage their work in a truly independent way.

In Rock al Parque Festival (Bogota, Colombia) the band was defined with the curious label “freecore”. Sound, performance, songs and free style. A band free from the ties of what it is established in the more and more foreseeable society of information and the jungle of tendencies. No doubt it is one of those bands regarded as having spirit and own light. They can sound close and recognizable at the same time as personal and unclassifiable. Perhaps it is in this work where it can be better appreciated that the key to their success has always been the unyielding faith the band has in their songs. A good composition by means of an unbeatable musical vehicle, that’s the key in Tom Cary’s music.

[Miga38] "Grace of the pure hearts"
contains unpublished material, some material left behind from their first album and songs recorded within different studios during the tours. Ten tracks within three cuts which collect the essence of Tom Cary, that which is rarely seen in their life performances, together with wild and incendiary rituals not suitable for the uninitiated.

 05 - 02 - 10 :: Átanos audiovisual ::

On the way that Miga netlabel has gone through we have established relation with a great number of the artists that we have found in several cities, from our country or abroad. But sometimes we meet artists from our own city by accident. That is the case.

López Montes, compositor and teacher of improvisation at the conservatory of Granada, has one foot set on electroacustic music and the other one on experimentation with music synthesis. Our release [Miga_v18] "Último estudio para Átanos", is a good example of all the creative capability of this artist and its work procedure, full of comings and goings between music, sounds, generative programation and abstract forms setting.

The artist has also incoporated the choice of listening this release on 5.1 audio system, and we have taken the opportunity to offer you this realease in other video formats (3GP and M4V) for mobile devices.

Our suggentions: full screen and loud.

 15 - 01 - 10 :: A city. Detroit. ::

Our new compilation is our first reference focused on techno music. This modest tribute to Detroit city sound, where the cultural movement today essential to understand electronic music was born, could not be missed.

Worldwide artists come together to offer us [Miga37] "The engine roars" (A tribute to Detroit Sound), a work fed with the dance music roots in order to be projected in the future.

 09 - 12 - 09 :: Astúries ::

Asturias is one of the smallest territories in Spain, but there is a large and interesting group of producers growing up there. It is not weird to find asturian artists working for wellknown music labels and in the course of time this territory has become into an inexhaustible source of music talents. [Miga36] V.A. "Astúries" is only a small piece of all the work that has been achieving there during the last years in behalf of the electronic music and the audiovisual culture.

A trip across Asturias that begins with Avant Folk, dubstep and IDM, finishing with dancing beats, which we hope that works to help promoting this area and the musicians who work there. The reinforce of the existing links and the creation of new ones that consolidate the audiovisual culture are being one of our priorities and we hope to get it with this new serie of compilations the we start now.

This is the very first time we make a public presentation of one of our releases. It will happen december the 11th during the Visionica 09 Fest (Oviedo).

 04 - 10 - 09 :: Sergio & Angie & Jen ::

Our 35th album is released by Sergio MF Valente, also known as Myles Sergé. Producer settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan State, Sergio has been elaborating fantastic works for labels such as 6one6 or Defrec.

At this time we present [Miga35] "Angie & Jen", a minimalistic EP, strongly influeced by techno but also full of groove. Phrek, aka Detroit People Mover, is in charge of closing this release with more than an effective remix.

 04 - 08 - 09 :: Family man ::

Ragul has a very particular family, its members are funny and stranger beings living in perfect harmony. Some are beautiful, others are deformed but all of them have an infantile and kind spirit that makes them different.

His proposal [Miga34] "The nuclear family" is a pleasurable trip by the molecular structure of music, where we find lovely melodies and complex rhythmical structures, full of details and shades.

 15 - 07 - 09 :: Animation labyrinthine ::

Colombian illustrator-animator Omar Alonso likes to use multiples resources in his creations. Mostly he includes surreal elements in atmopheres and characters of his imagination.

One more time the versatility derived from a netlabel creative platform is demostrated with [Miga_v17] "Laberinto máquina". The idea came about from Omar himself during production of an animated project for one of our artist, in this case Intelec; and secondly, the idea has been implemented resulting in two fantastic animated pieces.

 25 - 06 - 09 :: Firnwald´s lores ::

In Moria, Lorien or even in Mordor people would be charmed of having a musician as Firnwald to tell their feats. This bard of the XXI century is well known in the scene for his work as manager of the austrian netlabel Laridae where he has published several releases that define the style and personality of Firnwald.

Idm epic, complex, mutating toward drum´n´bass or metal thanks to guitars, basses and instruments from the central european folklore. In [Miga33] "Obscure Lore" we can enjoy a very developed work that includes 5 remixes of the track that gives name to this release, signed by Kabelton, Schlangetatoo, Der Reisende, Leisure-B and Schaua, adding more interest to this fantastic work.

 05 - 05 - 09 :: Rominger for camping and Jon Herranz for summer ::

[Miga32] "Music for camping" is the first Lp of the canarian artist Rominger. Living in Barcelona since the end of 90´s, he has collaborated in so many different musical (Sobreimagen, Velcro) and artistic projects (Pendrive, Plug Festival).

If we talk about music styles, Rominger moves inside the huge space between pop and electronic music, creating new contrasts and musical flavours. Leo (trumpet, synth, voices) and Yeray (drums), have been able to give expressiveness and character to this work, making an album that becomes into a great introduction letter.

In [Miga_v16] "Nice Summer", video clip that completes this release, Jon Herranz gives life to some of the characters that can be found in the particular world of Rominger.

 16 - 03 - 09 :: Texas Sci-Fi audio + video ::

The new Miga´s release is a compact proposal of Texas Sci-Fi project, a group based on experimentation, frequencies exploration, analogic errors and the synchronization between audio and video rhythms. For this complete release, [Miga31] "Figures / Frequencies", they has composed a collection of pieces created from pictoric works of minimalist artists from the twentieth century.

We also accompain this audio reference with the visual piece [Miga_v15] "10 x10 x2 Cubes in blue", that acts like a window allowing us to focus on the work of this interesting group whose maximum advantage is been reflected in its powerfull live act.

 14 - 01 - 09 :: Integral

Integral: Every single part of the whole / Which is in its composition, but not being essential, so the whole can still survive -although incomplete-without it.

This is what represents this third and last part of out trilogy, the importance of the individual and its interaction to create a whole. The need of diversity we are living in, inside a global world plane and monotonous, where proposals out of the market rules are taking once even less space.

So thanks again for the collaboration from a big group of artists who aimed to offer the best of themselves to create this two volumes for [Miga30] "Integral". With them we just want to keep offering the music we like.

 05 - 12 - 08 :: Pitch visulizes Dune

Pitch Visualive´s work is a constant forward movement inside the visual experimentation, with one eye in 3D animation and other focused on real time video producing. You can find artificial landscapes full of invented objects, mixed with syncronies and other sonic reaction on his pieces, mainly based on electronic music.

As a new element to experiment with, he picked one track from [Miga25] V.O.A. Project "Struttura" to create this new video [Miga_v14] "Dune", where we can feel the contrasts of his creative field.

 06 - 10 - 08 :: Oto

Oto is such a character. He produce and design his works, released under different italian netlabels, achieving with time his confident style, fed mainly with old fashioned sounds generated by computer and video games with 8 bits processors.

On this canvas, Oto is able to give several colours to his music. On [Miga29] "Tina Pica" goes along the electro and IDM with loads of subtlety and class, showing that even though he can sometimes look childlike, his music is made by a mature artist.

 12 - 09 - 08 :: Labcuatro visualized Rebecca

Labcuatro is a collective whose works are based in the visual experimentation focused mainly on installations or street interventions, but inside their artistic face they managed to develop a powerfull language which lead them to take part on important festivals, such as Sonar, or even in the creation of video clips for artists like Undo or Lontano.

For [Miga_v13] "Rebecca" they rescued the Arbol´s track included in our compilation [Miga10] "Tangencial", with a creation full of little sequences of analogic effects, abstractions and natural atmospheres.

 08 - 08 - 08 :: The Franco´s origins

Franco Bianco is from Argentina, but now is living in Switzerland. His music experimented a huge growing in the last years, due to the multiple works released in different labels and netlabels, making possible his positioning in the more and more saturated dance music scene.

His main argument is to be original when he face these tasks, very groovy and fresh minimal with percussions and samples going out from the current trendy minimal style, which will help us with [Miga28] "Origenes" on the way through this hot summer.

 03 - 07 - 08 :: A new color in Miga

Next stop, Sevilla. Where Jesús Sánchez aka Burdeos is waiting to present us [Miga27] "Pangea E.P.", a reference containing eight tracks which can be read as only one with a transition between Drill´n bass and breakcore.

Strange and tense ambients, where Burdeos move smoothly recalling places that only science fiction can describe.

 06 - 06 - 08 :: The ascent to the Mortirolo for Juan Rayos

Juan Rayos is a visual creative from Valencia. Starting from his work as video producer, he has also been able to get along with very different proposals, from acting together with a strings quartet to owning a very special Moleskine´s collection.

For [Miga_v12] "Mortirolo" he rescued the track which Estado Avanzado published on our compilation [Miga20] "Tangencial", combining it with an urban piece with a very particular point of view, looking after a fine design.

 20 - 05 - 08 :: An andalusian komite in Miga

The No More -music komite- project arise from the collaboration of F. Calderon with different artists and groups. Starting from the compiled material in many recording sessions, Calde gives us this [Miga26] "Folk Hero", which combines the very best of these collaborations in four pieces.

Warm double-basses, strings, voices and wind instruments give a rich shape to this creation, making it approachable to all kind of public. All this is completed with an excellent production, and a very particular looking which presents No More -music komite- as one of the most kicking newcomers from the andalusian scene.

 12 - 04 - 08 :: Structure

The Napoli - Granada connection allow us to present you this new release. V.O.A. Project represent a new & young group of talents who are standing out by their own good work so far. They are also helping to energize the electronic scene with their proposals.

[Miga25] "Struttura" is a very mature work which make possible the visualization of their job from a privileged perspective, giving us interesting contrasts regarding style resources and musical discourse. Intelec complete this release with an excellent remix of "Traum".

 28 - 03 - 08 :: Cubes & Glitches

Benjamin Chassagne is a multi-face visual artist which work is based on the influences rescuefrom different fields like street art, comics or even the electronic culture itself.

For [Miga_v11] "Cubes&Glitches" he has prepared his first audiovisual project sequencing sounds, cubes, melodies and colours, creating a very energic and elegant piece.

 21 - 02 - 08 :: Danieto brings his sciences

From Chile here comes Danieto and his [Miga24] "Ciencias Incultas EP". An explosive cocktail full of intense melodies and broken rhythms.

Starting from a wide musical registry, Danieto develops his sound eclecticism fusioning IDM, Abstract Hip Hop, dub and downtempo on equal parts, to create his nice and close music.

 07 - 02 - 08 :: An audiovisual game: Entropic ::

[Miga_v10] "Entropic" is fundamentally a game in which order and chaos follow upon each other without any solution of continuity. The vjing (Pintaycolorea) is no longer viewed as a passive visual support for a certain type of club-music, but rather, it creates an interaction with the musician (Økapi) in a dialog between peers.

A new idea in instant compositions, in which the audiovisual images blend together or clash in real time.

 20 - 01 - 08 :: Sun and good weather with Bertech ::

As the end of our mini-series dedicated to the most focused sounds to the dancefloor, appears [Miga23] "The Sun E.P.", first release from Bertech (Murcia, Spain) in Miga. A new quality step from this young artist, after his great job at Irdial Music.

It is quite complicated to decide which is the best of these five tracks, due that this EP grows in every listen, shaping a fresh, energic and very elaborated. We had a very good feeling about it and we find him as one of the most talented artists in the orbit of the new producers.

Check out the way we start 2008!

 29 - 11 - 07 :: Hofmann land in Miga ::

[Miga 22] "Surface EP" is the presentation card in Miga of Hofmann, a duet from London, with a style quite far from the current trend on musical stereotypes.

A reference with four deep and progressive tracks manufactured with surgical precision, and which take us to the best tech-house forged in the fizzy british underground scene.

 15 - 11 - 07 :: Cirqular´s video ::

Cirqular is a duet formed at the begining of 2007 with the aim of gathering all their visual and sound creations. They participated in our compilation [Miga20] "Tangencial" with their track "I´m talking to me" and now they add the video clip for this piece.

Very smooth looking, with a particular and ironic message, these japanese couple show their varied and complex vision to give form to anything that comes to their hands.

 27 - 09 - 07 :: Tec_Overflow back to Miga ::

After the great success with his work [Miga08]"Rec_vs_Tec", Luis Parra aka Tec_Overflow is back with [Miga21] "I Chng", a declaration of principles which shows the seek for a constant change and evolution in the work of this versatile artist.

A new LP with a different taste, but without changing the formula which made Tec_Overflow one of the most representative names on the Spanish scene. Complex dance music, really dark and loaded with grooves. Another high profile production to start the new electronic course on the right footing...

 15 - 08 - 07 :: Tangencies and tangent ::

In a tangential way, the way followed by Miga until today, is touching a big circle of artists who made possible this proposal.

Now three volumes to keep creating new bindings, trying to show the potential of the netlabel as a promotion platform and betting for proyects which not many conventional labels would even consider.

The fusion of the experience from confirmed artist with the enthusiasm of young promises has been one of the principal formulas proposed from Miga. In [Miga20] "Tangencial" we are proud of having the chance to count with people who are since a few years demostrating their profesionality and good works. As a perfect complement, a good number of artists, who are part of the future of electronic scene in out from our frontiers.

 06 - 06 - 07 :: The twist of Intelec ::

Intelec bets for a change of record with [Miga19] "Giro", a work that shows the search of new ways and forms of expression in their music, which moves away from etiquettes and from prejudices at the moment of confronting a work.

A fine mixture of IDM and ambient give life to these six tracks that demonstrate the good one to do of this resident duo in Granada, which into this second reference in Miga new faces incorporate into their great prism.

 12 - 04 - 07 :: Betelgeuse: electronic abstraction ::

Betelgeuse, a duet formed by José Antonio Serrano (Every No One / Noisome) and David Ortolà (Lontano), appeared first with "Kontakte EP" (Kontakte Records) on 2006, having great success.

We are pleased to present their second work [Miga18] "Izvorni kod". An EP which allow us to enjoy with the quality of their compositions. Starting from complex rhythm structures they create a very fresh and full of details electronic music. We are sure you will like it.

 12 - 04 - 07 :: Another weather season for Miga ::

Here comes the [Miga17] "Invierano" (word combination with Invierno "winter" and Verano "summer", the weather season which remind us something is happening on our environment. This is the concept Alex Cortex wants to transmit on this new work for Miga.

Conceptual and hipnotic minimal techno, far from stereotypes, this is one of the most personal works released on our netlabel.

More than ten years as producer guarantee the quality of this artist, who already released with labels like Kanzleramt, Klang Elektronik or Pathmusick, where Alex followed his own way out from the big commercial markets, to become an artist with unique and consequent vision of the music scene.

 22 - 02 - 07 :: Zigarettenpause meets Miga ::

[Miga16] "Overflow Remains" is the name of the latest Miga proposal. Its author, Jose Jünemann aka Zigarettenpause, show us the approach to his work through three tracks which invite to relaxed listening and reflection.

Zigarettenpause has his own language, impregnating every work independently from his style (IDM, minimal, downtempo,...). Intense rhythms with smooth melodies taking us to enjoy with this artist´s universe.

This proposal is completed with a video clip based on the track "Tuesday arrivals" [Miga_v08], produced by Pia Moure from Chile and based in Barcelona, who apply his visual concepts on different artistic disciplines.

 04 - 01 - 07 :: HD Substance open the new year ::

Luis Rozalén is one of the most prolific Spanish producers. Since end of 80´s he has been working on different projects like "Ballet Mecanico" or "Mo´Septomber", which led to HD Substance, his most known alter ego, and the middle of 90´s.

Today he is presenting us [Miga15] "Corteza", with an "old school" sound, generated by synths, grooveboxes, and a varied hardware arsenal. Pure eclecticism full of electro and Detroit sounds are the key of this fantastic LP, being Miga suggestion to start this new year 2007.

Now you can get our music with better quality, to 320 kbps...

 15 - 12 - 06 :: Video attack to Alhambra ::

Miga collective´s video-jockeys (Nökeö y Decolora) organised a video attack in Granada city, Spain, proyecting on real time over the front of a monumental building part of Alhambra (Comares Tower). You can see his little adventure in Multimedia section.

 30 - 11 - 06 :: Achecorporation, intimist and intense ::

Miga keeps betting for new artists looking for a place to expose their work, just like Achecorporation, a musician from Madrid who presents [Miga14] "Velice EP", five intense tracks of an intimist IDM, with full light spaces, contrasting with cold moments, full of pads and psycodelic synths.

We keep growing, thanks to the support of both stablished artists and young newcomers which give its unique character to this project.

 27 - 10 - 06 :: Naïfloop returns in black and white ::

Our fetish artist comes back! The new release from Naïfloop for Miga makes shorter the waiting time for his second LP, expected for 2007. [Miga13] "Two Colours" is a compilation of his very first demos ("Some seconds from", "Hearst" and "Identity") coming from 1997-2000 period. Seminal and instrumental versions from some tracks that later would be part of [Miga 04] "Between" and some others ruled out from his first album and rescued from the old trunk.

Four track electronic music, very few use of software and with his particular arsenal of analogic synths, casiotone loops, organ & rhythm pads. This is the first B sides of Naïfloop and also the first B sides from Miga, rescued due to its special lo-fi charm and its non temporal beauty.

 22 - 09 - 06 :: Check out Paper´s details ::

The better way to start the new electronic season is with "Detalles", the new work released from Paper aka Pablo Bolivar, from Santander (Spain). He follows with his compromise with different netlabels, after the big internacional success made with his first LP called "Anjanas" (Regular, 2006).

[Miga12] "Detalles" is a very personal and faithful reflection of Paper sound, space deep, acid grooves... in sum, four tracks transmitting beyond the dancefloor, taking us to the deepest dreams of digital pads...

 18 - 06 - 06 :: Intelec's schemes ::

After their consolidation as one of the best live acts on the spanish scene, here comes [Miga11] "Esquemático", the first release of the spanish duet Intelec. Enjoy with these five tracks, plus a very special Animatek remix of the track "Smog".

Minimal sounds in capitals, full of intensity and with an excellent production.

 15 - 06 - 06 :: Exponential ::

Exponencial is the way the netlabel scene is growing. You can see more artist, media, and people interested in this form of understanding of audiovisual culture.

With this premise, we wanted to gather artists from different countries to follow with new relationships, new works, and on top, to displace the music from the strict current media market.

On this work you can find what we considerate as the fundamentals ways on electronic music: the listening and the dance. More than two hours of minimal house, minimal techno, idm, ambient, abstract hip hop, downtempo and others unclassified styles. Without them, it could not be possible to understand to they´s music.

[Miga10] VV.AA "Exponencial"

 16 - 05 - 06 :: Winterstrand - The Melody Inside ::

After a short break, we are striking back with the second international release [Miga09] "Trisonomie E.P.", from the austrian trio Winterstrand. Definetely a warm, happy and close job from these three brothers, with a direct language, taking us to sound landscapes formed by IDM, downbeat & ambient.

The gathering of the whole creation gets a new dimension, thanks to the sum of each track´s values. You can see also the video for the track [Miga_v07] "Trisonomie 4".

 20 - 04 - 06 :: AV Typers, hybrid creatives ::

A new video creation arrived to Miga thanks to AV Typers, a duet resident in Barcelona formed specifically to show their performances live, where they develop their full potential based on rhythm and images syncronization.

The continuous progression of the audio & video software tools, both on production and live performing, allow us to know hybrid proposals of this type, which are represented here with three original pieces.

[Miga_v06] AV Typers

 23 - 02 - 06 :: Rec_Overflow meets Miga ::

Close to our first anniversary, our catalogue starts to be consolidated with the arrival of Rec_Overflow, a producer from Madrid, half focused on stages and half on studio. For dj sets, selfcalled as Mix_Overflow and mutating to Rec_Overflow / Tec_Overflow on live or studio productions.

The eclectic character of this reference [Miga08] "Rec vs Tec" is well expressed on these six intense tracks, which go smoothly between minimal and IDM, and also with some electro and clicks and cuts remarks... This is a real present.

 25 - 01 - 06 :: Estado Avanzado, experimental sounds ::

Our first proposal for 2006, is the reference [Miga07] "Indrómina ep" from Estado Avanzado (Extremadura, Spain), which drives Miga to a more experimental side.

Three tracks that approaches to the most delicate and warm ambient and IDM, as a sign of the way this duet feel the music, on the most fearless field on today´s electronic music.

 29 - 12 - 05 :: Sr. Click close 2005 ::

We feel lucky at Miga presenting this new reference, as a proper culmination of this productive 2005!! Sr. Click is former member of Inoquo netlabel, restless producer and with "real obsession for electronic experimentation".

[Miga06]"Elements" take these obsessions on four delicate and intense tracks, where you can find the expression of Sr.Click´s electronic universe: minimal beats melting with deep atmospheres, together with microscopical sounds in constant movement and harmony.

 01 - 12 - 05 :: our first international release ::

In Miga we now create a new binding with the german capital, just to offer you our first international release.

From Berlin, Loopo brings [Miga05] "Panorama", with four minimal house tracks, clearly focused to the dancefloor.

Dj and producer living in this creative and cosmopolitan city since more than five years, Loopo shows us the most fresh and underground face of the german house.

Get connected to the german sound from south-europe!

 27 - 10 - 05 :: videoclip for theme "Alcatele" ::

Two months ago, Miga label made a proposal to the people from www.vjspain.com audiovisual community. We asked them to make a videoclip for our track "Alcatele" from Animatek, taken from [Miga03] "Capibara tracks".

One of them offered himself to accept this challenge. He is Josep Bedmar, former member of the collective "La Comida Visuals". He is a videojockey which has been involved on various audiovisual projects for festivals, theather screening and documentals.

Miga_v05 "Alcatele" - Josep Bedmar

Thanxs to Josep and www.vjspain.com

 18 - 10 - 05 :: "Between" a work of Naïfloop ::

Naïfloop show us [Miga04]"Between", a creation full of little electronic and instrumental details, sweet melodies and intense sensations.

This reference is the most close to "song scheme" production he has made, and he had the help and collaboration from a group of musicians, being remarkable the excellent work from people like Javier Morillas and Francisco Barrionuevo on drums and guitar, and Lucia Jurado on strings.

Naïfloop (Pablo Garrido), together with this group, made several live acts in 2002, such as the show with Arto Lindsay on AV Festival and the finals at "Villa de Bilbao".

This reference is a contrast point on the music offered by Miga till the moment.

 21 - 09 - 05 :: Capibaras on Miga!!! ::

The new release from Miga-label is delivered by an andalucian artist called  Animatek, famous for his striking and original live-acts.
Founder of the web site www.animatek.net and member of the Miga collective, Javik presents us "Capibara Tracks" seven  tracks of minimal techno full of energy and improvisation. Bon Appetit!

[Miga03] - "Capibara Tracks" Animatek !!!!

 15 - 09 - 05 :: new release video Miga-v04 "Herz"::

Juanjo Fernández aka Videotone choose the track "Hertz" from Iñaqui Marin´s Miga00 to create this visual piece full of blends, starting from a very simple idea.

Enjoy Miga_v04!

 26 - 08 - 05 :: new release video Miga-v03 "Splitbrain"::

Another video creation  has been added to our recent Multimedia section. We  are talk ing about "Splitbrain", a video-clip made by Juan Antonio Anguita, Josemi Garcia and the musical producer Antonio Blanca (Fregonax).

This would be an advance of the future collaboration projects in Miga.

 12 - 08 - 05 :: [Miga02] Ernie "Aceitunas salvajes" ::

Our brand new reference comes from Ernie, a young dj and producer from Madrid. Former member of Minuendo Recordings, member of Technofutura visual art festival, collaborator in Electrosplash Festival (Valencia), and resident in Blonde (Madrid)... Here you have this active mind on electronic music scene.

[Miga 02] “Aceitunas Salvajes” maintain the line of the style shown and published for Minuendo: Galactic microhouse with high mental power...

 21 - 07 - 05 :: Video in the "Releases video" section ::

To begin the Releases video section of our site, we have the videoclip for "Call from Uranus", track of Miga 01 "Ceros y unos" by Sr. Aye. The work has been edited by Nökeö www.nokeo.net

In this section we will include different artistics works and others elements that can originate new creations.

 31 - 05 - 05 :: Miga01 Sr. Aye - Ceros y unos ::

Born in Malaga, Sr. Aye is the autor of this new creation in Miga-Label.org.

[Miga 01] "Ceros y unos" is a gathering of electronic pieces with a “no closed” scheme.

A nice journey throughout various styles (downtempo, minimal, abstract hip hop...) where he is able to show his full-detailed way of producing and give some ideas about how powerful his live sets are.

As visual support, you also have a 3D imaged video from Cinemátiko, specially made for the tune that gives the name to the reference.

07 - 03 -05 :: Miga presents its new netlabel ::

Here you can find music references and video creations, all under the huge electronic world, but also different and eclectic just like the Miga artists are.

[Miga 00] Iñaqui Marín "Hi Fi" Our first release comes from Barcelona, with one of the more active spanish producers of the moment. Iñaqui Marín , former member of the well known label Regular, where he has just released "Klinischtod", a sensational record which is going to be soon on every dancefloor. Moreover, you can also get "Hi-Fi" with a video created by decolora (Miga) and nökeö (Miga), our video producers.

Thanks so much to Iñaqui & Regular for their support and colaboration.

We truly hope you start enjoying our proposals!

:: Last releases ::

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Sr. Aye
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Iñaqui Marín