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:: What is Miga? ::

Miga is a group of audiovisual creators formed in 2004 and stablished in Granada, and its purpose is to show on the net the more advanced proposals from the actual south of Europe scene.

Any kind of artistic performance is inside Miga. Dj´s, Vj´s, Live Acts, net art, graphic design, experimental video, photography and all electro acoustic media is part of it, coming together to develop, feed & expand different ideas and projects.

www.miga-label.org is an audiovisual net-label of no cost downloads and free distribution, which responds to the group creative needs, and also to a new way of acting and thinking over the difficult and closed music market. Production and promotion is made on the same process, so we have total creative control over the exposed references.

www.animatek.net is a webzine managed by Miga, which gathers contents based on information about digital culture, electronic music, similar & related projects information, new author rights and copyleft laws, video and music festivals and also an open opinions forum. The purpose of this web is to show all these activities in Spain, specially in Andalucia.

Miga create & learn.

Miga there takes part in some festivals (electronic music, videocreation, digital culture and others):Sonar BCN, Lux2006, MARTE, Netaudio London, Kick the Trash, Rocket Festival, Zemos98, Elektronikaldia, FIB, Eutopia,...

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Send an email with yours mp3s to ar(a)miga-label.org
or ideas for videoclips to video(a)miga-label.org

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