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+ [Miga07] Estado Avanzado - "Indrómina e.p." +

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01. 18 - 02 - 02 04:50 8.85 mb.   download  
02. Los chicos buenos llegan temprano a casa 04:20 7.93 mb.   download  
03. Compressor coma 03:43 6.82 mb.   download  
/// full download   22.90 mb.   download  
:: Estado Avanzado ::

The duet Estado Avanzado showed up in early 2005, with the union of two distant but similar projects.

Their first live-act came on Maquinarte Festival 2005 in Badajoz (Spain), sharing line up with people like .tape., Rec_Overflow or Fibla. Later in August 2005, they self-released their promo "001", and also were supporting band of the versatile Justo Bagüeste.

Influenced from classic labels like Warp or Merck to the most post-rock sounds and noise like Mogwai, Arab Strap or Sonic Youth, they condider themselves like fanatics of Autechre, and they try to be on the avantgarde of the new electronic sounds.

Thanxs: Salva (Miga-label), Javi (Animatek), Vanesa, Nerea, Ebo (dj Hydropopnick), Fibla, .tape., Justo bagüeste, Txino Ojeda, Rec-overflow, Dirty Princess, Alek Stark, Da Intruders (Bélgica), Óscar, Yovana, Alberto y Elena, Virüs y Amaya (Pamplona), Jorge Ares, Morphoid, Tomás Fernándo Flores, Xoel López, nuestras familias y amigos.


[Miga07] Estado Avanzado "Indrómina E.P."

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