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+ [Miga09] Winterstrand - "Trisonomie" +

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cover design: Stefan Eipeltauer / covers (1.15 mb.)

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01. Trisonomie 4 - videoclip 03:50 7.12 mb.   download  
02. Kesk j´peux faire 04:35 8.49 mb.   download  
03. Summ 02:24 4.48 mb.   download  
04. Muiah 00:48 1.56 mb.   download  
05. Meine interpretation 03:23 6.28 mb.   download  
06. Schneefeld 06:04 11.2 mb.   download  
07. Fluginsekt 02:16 4.23 mb.   download  
08. Anamorphot 02:32 4.75 mb.   download  
09. 123 Raus 02:32 4.72 mb.   download  
/// full download   52.7 mb.   download  
:: Winterstrand ::

Three brothers, risen from the same passionate blood that now is responsible for each one´s passion for music, grew up in the southern countryside of nowhere. Soundscapes, heavy breaks, relaxed (but never loungy) rhythms combined with a melodic intensity generate a timeless feeling while getting acoustically irradiated with their unique style of music.

A feeling everyone can relate to his/her childhood. Besides the influences of early 90ies electronic, folk, jazz, oldschool hiphop and early jungle, they use loads of samples from a huge amount of tapes that they recorded themselves from the mid-80ies to the mid-90ies - self-referentially to involve personal experiences and memories they had during their early record-sessions in their music. Back in those days they created a whole wide and pretty extraordinary spectrum of sounds with tape recorders, percussion stuff, radios, keyboards, guitars, self-made instruments and any other things, as long as they were cheap, exciting and useful.

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2006 trisonomie [Miga-09]
2005 losma pástschu [usr-011]
2005 oh shit, versteh ich nicht! [kpu-079]

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+ info: www.winterstrand.net


[Miga09] Winterstrand "Trisonomie"

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