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+ Miga13 Naïfloop - "Two colours" +

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cd1 "The white way": Track duration size   mp3 archive  
01. Drumbo 01:54 3.50 mb.   download  
02. The way back home 02:40 4.89 mb.   download  
03. Majesty 02:53 5.31 mb.   download  
04. Own bible 02:49 5.16 mb.   download  
05. Sissy emperatriz 01:46 3.25 mb.   download  
06. Mary Elisabeth and Jimmy the cat 02:46 5.08 mb.   download  
cd2 "The black way": Track duration size   mp3 archive  
07. Hidden logics 04:55 9.03 mb.   download  
08. Another world 01:36 2.95 mb.   download  
09. Revenge of Casiotones 02:46 5.07 mb.   download  
10. Todd 04:14 7.76 mb.   download  
11. Snowing on my beach 04:33 8.33 mb.   download  
12. Anxiety or confussion 02:22 4.35 mb.   download  
13. Westhinghouse 05:28 10.03 mb.   download  
/// full download (BOTH CDS) 73.9 mb.   download m3u list
:: Naïfloop (Miga)::

Naïfloop is Pablo Garrido (Málaga-Spain), always working to create his own new vision for rhythm and noise... From Cole Porter´s orchester pieces mixed with digital dub, to the extreme experimental digital noise, psicodelic pop or country western.

Since 1998 has participated in several festivals, such as AV Festival, Espárrago Rock or Nova Pop. He has also been finalist and semi finalist on big contests like "Villa de Bilbao" or "Demo Project", and has been on the line up with artists like Stereolab, Arto Lindsay, Fibla o 12 Twelve.


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