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+ [Miga15] HD Substance - "Corteza" +

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01. Alternator 05:10 12.4 mb.   download  
02. Burbujas 05:54 14.2 mb.   download  
03. Cantábrico 05:24 13.0 mb.   download  
04. Detronine 06:16 15.0 mb.   download  
05. Seventeen 07:06 17.0 mb.   download  
06. Simply lost 06:41 16.0 mb.   download  
07. Star rain 07:39 18.4 mb.   download  
08. Tele 05:39 13.5 mb.   download  
/// full download 119 mb.   download m3u list
:: HD Substance ::

Luis Rozalén aka HD Substance has been exposed to electronics since late eighties, he bought his first synth in 1987 and formed a band called Ballet Mecánico, heavy sinthy pop influenced.

After travelling to London he discovers acid house and LFO, then came Detroit with all the first UR releases and Transmat. Heavily shocked, he decides to start as a dj after a Kenny Larkin show in the first Sonar Festival 1995.

Now he regularly plays all over the place and in the best Festivals. Soon after he creates his first own label Miranda Records, and stars releasing in other labels from all over the world.

His primal succes comes in the form of Atlas label. During three years he creates a trademark of techno sound, appreciated by key dj´s worldwide, as Carl Cox (regularly charting his tunes), Garnier or Hawtin.

His new child comes in three parts, the new label SHAREWARE and her sisters HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.


[Miga15] HD Substance "Corteza"

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