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+ Miga16 Zigarettenpause - "Overflow remains" +

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cover design: Pia Moure / covers (443 kb.)

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01. Tuesday arrivals videoclip 06:08 14.0 mb.   download  
02. Tear apart day 04:46 10.9 mb.   download  
03. Overflow remains 04:54 11.2 mb.   download  
/// full download 35.8 mb.   download m3u streaming
:: Zigarettenpause ::

With a laptop that allmost fits in his knapsack and a minicontroller that I keep in a wood box, I fuse abstract sources of sound, analogous as much as digital, creating warm atmospheres and sonorous spaces of reflection.

As drumer and producer I have participated in the bands Mota, Paltrio, Kim Novak and in Dpendiente and numeros colectives.

As Zigarettenpause, I have produced three EP’s and diferent livesets exploring styles like idm, mínimal, maximal and have performed in some of the most important clubs in Barcelona such as the Daf club, the Felinni club, the Loft club, Convent de Sant Agusti, in the C3 bar of the CCCB, the NIUbcn and also in Santiago de Chile, performing at the Amanda club, the Bar Central and the Sala Master concert room, where the performance was broadcasted by the University of Chile’s radio station.

At the moment the project is being released by Pauze Recordings, London, UK and now in Miga.

www.zigarettenpause.com // www.myspace.com/zigarettenpause

[Miga16] Zigarettenpause "Overflow remains"