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+ [Miga31] Texas Sci-Fi "Figures / Frecuencies" +

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cover design:Juanjo Fernández (Gnomalab) / covers (545 kb.)

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01. Tiled Arc (Richard Serra) 01:50 4 mb.   download  
02. Cloud (Robert Morris) 03:36 8 mb.   download  
03. Three squares whithing a triangle (Robert Mangold) 04:33 10 mb.   download  
04. Hzrl1 (Sol Lewitt) 05:41 13 mb.   download  
05. Aluminium-zinc dipole e/w (Carl Andre) 03:57 9 mb.   download  
06. The diagonal of may 25 (Dan Flavin) 02:00 5 mb.   download  
07. Die fahne hoch (Frank Stella) 02:37 6 mb.   download  
08. Cube Nº2 (Larry Bell) 05:04 12 mb.   download  
09. Steel-magnesium plain (Carl Andre) 02:11 5 mb.   download  
10. Endless column (Constantin Brandcusi) 04:16 10 mb.   download  
11. Distorted Square / Circle (Robert Mangold) 04:39 11 mb.   download  
12. Open Cube (Sol Lewitt) 02:02 5 mb.   download  
13. Blue box (Stephen Antonakos) 04:07 10 mb.   download  
14. Modular cube / base (Sol Lewitt) 00:17 1 mb.   download  
-. Extra Video [Miga_v15] "10 x10 x2 Cubes in blue"          
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:: Texas Sci-Fi ::

Texas Sci-Fi

Texas Sci-fi is formed at the very beginning of 2008 in Terrassa, a suburban town on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. The members of the band are three, Juanjo Fernández and Miki Martínez, two friends who shared an Indie pop project not long ago, together with Miki’s brother Rafa Martinez.

They all work also in other parallel projects with which they have released some albums for several Spanish and international labels. With Texas Sci-fi they put together their best to create, this time, an audiovisual project full of strength, minimalism forcefulness and analogue experimentation. They use a long list of analogue synthesizers in their performances to doing so -Moog, Korg, Roland- combined with other vintage machinery that injects a direct input in the creation of amazing live visuals.

As they use to say, they make “dance minimal sounds with experimental doses of impossible frequencies, white noise, clicks, cuts an bleeps”. A complex sound arisen from footswitches and other electronic stuff that gives shape to a perfect audiovisual synchronisation. The name of their first album is “Cold Landscapes”, a conceptual work for which they create original soundtracks for different cities, always trying to seek the parallelism with geometrical shapes.

// myspace.com/texasscifi

[Miga31] Texas Sci-fi "Figures / Frecuencies"

[Miga_v15] Texas Sci-fi "10x10x2 Cubes in blue"