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+ [Miga33] Firnwald "Obscure Lore" +

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01. A fools wisdom 02:44 6 mb.   download  
02. The basemen 03:52 9 mb.   download  
03. Nature is barren 06:56 16 mb.   download  
04. Falcon guided ways 05:08 12 mb.   download  
05. 4 rest torch 01:57 5 mb.   download  
06. Obscure Lore (Firnwald version 2.3) 05:24 12 mb.   download  
07. Obscure Lore (Kabelton Remix) 03:30 8 mb.   download  
08. Obscure Lore (Schlangentatoo Remix) 03:17 8 mb.   download  
09. Obscure Lore (Der Reisende Remix) 03:44 9 mb.   download  
10. Obscure Lore (Leisure-B Remix) 03:59 9 mb.   download  
11. Obscure Lore (Schaua Remix) 04:30 10 mb.   download  
12. Springquell 00:33 2 mb.   download  
/// full download   98 mb.   download m3u streaming
:: Firnwald ::


Firnwald aka Stefan Aigner (1981) is an electronic / IDM artist located in Bavaria (Germany) and is cofounder of the austrian netlabel Laridae where he´d releases most of his work. He specialises in a form of IDM maybe best described as "Hectic Folklore Breaks", a combination of modern breaks and ancient instruments. A mix of folklore mingled with Drum'n bass, metal with breakbeats, classic songstructure with experimental beatprogramming.

His tracks are usually very cinematic and tell tales of the world like it once was, or atleast, how the fantesy writers deproct it in novels. The focus of the productions are complicated rhythms with tiny melodies, strange ambiency, and some kind of story (somewhere). Firnwald is influenced by bands like Ulver, Jaga Jazzist, Squarepusher, Opeth, Four Tet or Prefuse 73.

// firnwald.net

Info Remixers
- Kabelton
- Der Reisende
- Leisure-B
- Schaua
- Schlangentatoo

[Miga33] Firnwald "Obscure Lore"