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+ [Miga47] Aitänna77 "El drama del descenso" +

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cover design:Mikel Martínez / photography: Fubsan // covers (0,9 mb.)

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track duration size   mp3 archive  
01. A hint of sadness 03:04 8 mb.   download  
02. No one 03:44 9 mb.   download  
03. Una vida tranquila 04:22 10 mb.   download  
04. Los paises del Este 03:53 9 mb.   download  
05. Desaparecer 03:16 8 mb.   download  
06. El hijo tonto 04:35 11 mb.   download  
07. Carla 04:31 11 mb.   download  
08. Indecisiones 04:07 10 mb.   download  
09. El drama del descenso 04:08 10 mb.   download  
/// full download   84 mb.   download  
:: Aitänna ::

Aitänna- Miga

Aitänna77 is the musical solo project of Mikel Martinez. At the beginning of the last decade he began recording songs in his bedroom.

No rush or pressure, only when the need to say something was there. And in this same way he has been publishing them since 2005 on netlabels like Test Tube or Error! Lo-Fi.

Folk, lo-fi pop, electronica, ambient and a thousand other things in a declaration of love to master musicians as Joe Meek, Franco Battiato’s music in the first half of the '70s or Brian Eno.


[Miga47] Aitänna77 "El drama del descenso"