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+ [Miga49] Chin Yi "Sanguinem Mitto EP" +

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cover design: Beatriz Sánchez // covers (1,3 mb.)

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01. Satsha 03:08 7 mb.   download  
02. Dida 03:04 7 mb.   download  
03. Belmonde 03:03 7 mb.   download  
04. A Vissen 02:40 6 mb.   download  
05. Mitigandae 01:08 3 mb.   download  
06. Unus 02:15 5 mb.   download  
/// full download   36 mb.   download torrent
:: Chin Yi ::

Chin Yi - Miga

Angular, distorted, disturbing and convulsive. Chi Yi’s style is dark and alarmist, at the same time as theatrical and clowning. A sonorous, experimental and sinister dramaturgy that arises from the mixture between post-punk, no-wave, circus-cabaret and electronic.

[Miga49] "Sanguinem Mitto EP" is a 15 minutes EP with more rhythmic groove, in a sort of dance-punk. They have been present on the experimental Keroxen Festival (Canary Islands) or on the poster of the massive FIB Benicassim.

chinyi.net || chinyi.bandcamp.com

[Miga49] Chin Yi "Sanguinem Mitto EP"

Photo: Sonia Puga