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 [Miga_v00] Nökeö + Decolora "Mañana en el parque " ::


(Miga) y Decolora (Miga), realizadores del vídeo que acompaña la referencia "Hi-Fi" de Iñaqui Marín, son la vertiente visual del colectivo y combinan producción y montajes en tiempo real. Para "Mañana en el parque", han elaborado una cadena de animaciones y efectos que conviven y simpatizan con los profundos y sugestivos sonidos del tema.

[Miga_v00] Nökeö + Decolora "Mañana en el parque" from Miga on Vimeo.


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:: Nökeö ::

Nökeö is a visual creation project, gathering graphic design, experimentation, video, photography, animation, MIDI, eclecticism, 3D, recycling and any kind of rhythm sensation for the audience which prefers also to watch the surrounding.

Nökeö is a succesion of little kicks of syncronized images with the music and the ambient of a determined space. Just a few people close the eyes when they hear music, and this is what Nökeö take the advantage of.

Nökeö starts in 2002 and has been part of different style events, from techno to drum and bass, from a live set to a dj set, from a club to an open space...

He has participated on diverse visual creation festivals like MARTE 2006 (Malaga Arte y Tecnología), Lux 2006 (Sevilla), Zemos98 (Sevilla), Eutopia06 (Córdoba), Ciclo Sonidos de Hoy (Murcia), Kick the Trash (Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid), Rocket Festival (Málaga) o Max Matógrafo (Granada), sharing stage with visual artists like Addictive TV, Kota Ono, 4 Your Eye, Inside Us All, Rick Robin or Superelectric Radion.

Also he is currently acting on many events based on electronic music on different venues all around Spain, playing visuals for artists like Jeff Mills, Alexander Kowalski, Fibla, Dave Clarke, Pan/Tone, Steve Rachmad, Violadores del Verso, Tiga, Luke Slater, Stewart Walker or Pablo Bolívar.


:: Decolora ::

Decolora is a visual creation project for events, festivals, concerts or any space where the visuals are requested. Using the latest tools for manipulation an audiovisual treatment on real time, not any image shot is like the next one.

He has participated on events like:

NetAudio London Festival
Kick the Trash (Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid)
Lux Festival (Sevilla)
M.A.R.T.E. (Málaga Arte y Tecnología)
Nuevas Experiencias en la Oscuridad (Granada)
Max Matógrafo (Granada)
Festival Internacional de Jazz de Granada.

Has also been taking care of the vj show on events and festivals of electronic music from artists like Luke Slater, Stewart Walker, Touane, Adam Beyer, Ellen Alien, Marco Carola, Ángel Molina, Tiga, Dave Clarke, Oscar Mulero, Green Velvet, John Gaiser, Ascii Disko, Kiki, Michel De Hey, Cristian Varela, Murcof, Iñaqui Marín, Pablo Bolívar,...

Now he works also on promotion and management of Miga.