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 [Miga_v03] VV.AA. "Splitbrain" ::


came from a task for a subject on audiovisual creation, related to russian director Dziga Vertov and his famous "Eye-cinema tendence". Their intention was to be accurate with the spirit of “The man of the camera” (1929). The only modified rules were to introduce actors on the video and have a slight plan for it.

The aim was to find out how powerful television is, as a manipulation tool, through the three most important elements in life: health, money and love. We can see the protagonist on an endless loop, which is difficult to get out from.

The montage, structure, and the two screens together intend to show how the television saturate our vision, with products that you have the obligation to buy in order to be into fashion, and its comparison on real life.

[Miga_v03] J.A. Anguita + Antonio Blanca "Splitbrain" from Miga on Vimeo.


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:: Splitbrain´s creators::

:: Juan Antonio Anguita and Josemi García :: DIRECTORS

Juan Antonio Anguita and Josemi García have a Degree in Audiovisual Communications and have done several works on fiction short video movies like “Así se hizo: La aldea del arce”, “La aldea del arce 2” and “Hemisferio”.

On his own, Juan Antonio made other short movies “26.Jun” (2002), “El sueño del indeciso” (2003) and “8 (ocho)” (2004). Josemi has been part also of many short movies like “Iris” (2004) with Enrique Esquinas and now is preparing a new one called “En el andén”.

The more inmediate project for them is the co-writing of a movie script.

:: Antonio Blanca (Fregonax) :: SOUND DESIGNER

Antonio Blanca alias " Fregonax" his music started at  9 years old playing the guitar, also synthetizers and drumbox that his father taught him.

Then at 18 years joined a local group called "Las Mierdas" playing guitar, later joined other local bands  called "Clown" and "XKRUDE" and on leaving behind these bands in 2001 and then interested in electronic music experiment`s. Three years later made some livesounds with Supersilver He$e (edukando.org) in the "Abracadabra 04" (Granada) and in the club  "GO" (Córdoba) in the name of "Mental Wave" influenced by minimal and techno-house.

Later made soundtracks and sound design for short films and video-creations.

At the moment prepareing his first electronic cuts disc "Sonorama" behind the name Coreglitch