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 [Miga_v07] Fabian Bazan & Stefan Eipeltauer "Trisonomie 4" ::


Video made for the track "Trisonomie 4" taken from Winterstrand reference [Miga09] "Trisonomie"., Created by the visual creators Fabian Bazan and Stefan Eipeltauer. A 3d adventure with suggestive forms and  dreaming atmosphere.

[Miga_v07] Fabian Bazan & Stefan Eipeltauer "Trisonomie 4" from Miga on Vimeo.

[Miga_v07] "Trisonomie" width x height size   archive server
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:: Miga_v07 Stefan Eipeltauer & Fabian Bazant ::

:: Stefan Eipeltauer ::

Stefan Eipeltauer, aka *traik, studied computer and video arts at the University of Fine Arts, Vienna. He is the founder of the community-based netlabel polarisedkids.com and the audio-technical and alternative gaming blog dailydrone.org.

He works in different visual fields, such as live visualisation, generative arts and recreational code. Aside from that he creates websites and works as an assistant for film productions in the field of on-screen animations.

www.polarisedkids.com // www.dailydrone.org

:: Fabian Bazant ::

Fabian Bazant aka Fabbs started rather early writing different kinds of poetry and prose, and also film-making, when he discovered the field of 3d animation for his endeavours one day- since then he gathered experience in different projects, from interior design over documentaries up to abstract arts, he tries to do it all.

Parts of his (german) poetry can be found on his homepage www.fabbaz.at.tt , whereas some digital projects and graphical experiments can be reviewed at deviantART (fabbazattt.deviantart.com).

www.fabbaz.at.tt // fabbazattt.deviantart.com