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 [Miga_v11] Benjamin Chassagne "Cubes&Glitches" ::


Benjamin Chassagne
is a multi-face visual artist which work is based on the influences rescuefrom different fields like street art, comics or even the electronic culture itself. For [Miga_v11] "Cubes&Glitches" he has prepared his first audiovisual project sequencing sounds, cubes, melodies and colours, creating a very energic and elegant piece.

[Miga_v11] Benjamin Chassagne "Cubes&Glitches" from Miga on Vimeo.

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:: Benjamin Chassagne ::

I am working as a motion graphics designer / vjay freelance since 2006. Most of my commissions come from parties, labels, promoters, exhibitions... First in France, next in Italy and now in Spain.

I studied Plastic Arts in Paris, where i began learning about Visual Art and Vjing. I dealt with many kinds of softwares, to make videos, animations 2D/3D, images, prints, photos, websites, songs, etc...

I keep using them now, but motion-graphics videos are now the biggest part of my work. I try to release them in Live, like an AV Perfomance. I look back at Street Art, Minimal Techno, Skate life, Underground, Comics and get inspired by my day-to-day surrounding, just as now Barcelone and Rome.

www.benjaminchassagne.fr // www.myspace.com/benjaminchassagne