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 [Miga_v12] Juan Rayos "Mortirolo" ::


Juan Rayos
is a visual creative from Valencia. Starting from his work as video producer, he has also been able to get along with very different proposals, from acting together with a strings quartet to owning a very special Moleskine´s collection.

For [Miga_v12] "Mortirolo" he rescued the track which Estado Avanzado published on our compilation [Miga20] "Tangencial", combining it with an urban piece with a very particular point of view, looking after a fine design.

[Miga_v12] Juan Rayos "Mortirolo" from Miga on Vimeo.

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:: Juan Rayos ::

Juan Rayos is a video-jockey which performs real time video, getting different visual structures together and starting from a wide loop gallery. He works with recorded material, but also with original sounds which are manipulated and ruffled with distortion. Images are mixed with the music, sometimes syncronizing or giving a plastic counterpoint depending the space and the sound.

He has been performing in places like LeClub, Latex, Hossegor, La Fulop, JAM, Ateneo,... and has been resident at Hoss club and Biscuit (Valencia). Also took part in festivals like Ensems08, Lux2006, FAME06, Observatori 2004 y 2005, Fusión04 /IVAM, Este05, Óptica Festival, Átaloencorto 2007, Cicle SON1V1S10,... and in art expositions as My Name is Lolita (Madrid), La Sala Naranja (Valencia), Videoart Center (Tokio), Cultura VJ (Córdoba), Loop 2007 (Barcelona)...

He has a Degree in Photography, he is image & sound technician and has a diploma in video & TV from University of Alicante.