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 [Miga_v13] Labcuatro "Rebecca" ::


is a collective whose works are based in the visual experimentation focused mainly on installations or street interventions, but inside their artistic face they managed to develop a powerfull language which lead them to take part on important festivals, such as Sonar, or even in the creation of video clips for artists like Undo or Lontano.

For [Miga_v13] "Rebecca" they rescued the Arbol´s track included in our compilation [Miga10] "Tangencial", with a creation full of little sequences of analogic effects, abstractions and natural atmospheres.

[Miga_v13] Labcuatro "Rebecca" from Miga on Vimeo.

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:: Labcuatro ::

The work developed at Labcuatro as collective consists in a representation -through video installations- of certain experiences from the current urban landscapes: textual background, the virtual (phenomenon) / the virtual-virtual (virtual reality, 3D, the net, etc...).

These installations gave excellent results on the search of a language appropriated both for the looking and for the object itself: fleetingness, fragmentation, saturation, void, frenzied or static rythms, etc...

Since 2007 Labcuatro is focused on the project "Cromatismo".