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 [Miga_v14] Pitch Visualive "Dune" ::


Pitch Visualive´s work is a constant forward movement inside the visual experimentation, with one eye in 3D animation and other focused on real time video producing. You can find artificial landscapes full of invented objects, mixed with syncronies and other sonic reaction on his pieces, mainly based on electronic music.

As a new element to experiment with, he picked one track from [Miga25] V.O.A. Project "Struttura" to create this new video [Miga_v14] "Dune", where we can feel the contrasts of his creative field.

[Miga_v14] Pitch Visualive "Dune" from Miga on Vimeo.

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:: Pitch Visualive ::

Motion designer and vj. The creative process of Pitch-visualive is based on the diffusion of an impromptu visual energy. Abundance and excess, deconstruction and reapropriation. The sounds and the images are answered in a visual and sound reflexivity, inviting all the directions to appear. My visuals are always born in a climate of experimentation and improvisation. 2d and 3d creations are combined with catches of personal sights and coincident in a non-narrativ poesy

FESTIVALS: Dour festival (Belgium), Name festival (France), Mapping festival (Swiss), Bochum festival (Deutsch), Sziget festival (Hungria), Stubnitz boat, Overtomm (Dutch), Rencontres Audiovisuelles (France), Platforma Festival (Greece), Avit (France), La revue video (France),...

DANCE: Centre Choregraphique Angelin Preljocaj, la Compagnie Yann L´Heureux...
ARCHITECTURE: Ricciotti (Pavillon Noir, Aix), Porzamparc (Paris)...
PLAYED WITH: Herththrob, Funzion, Rose&Ulysse, Barem, Mathias Kaden, Vitalic, Super Discount, Trisomie 21, Ken Ishii, Dataz, Lady Miss Kier (Dee-lite), Elisa do Brasil, Heartthrob, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Dj Vadim, Herbalizer, Kerry Chandler, Buck 65, Rephlex...

While preserving a bond with the medium of the galleries and the contemporary art through installations.

www.pitch-visualive.org || www.myspace.com/pitchvisualive