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 [Miga_v19] Skeamo "Angel A" ::


Skeamo is a project of Jorge Sierra, a sensitive person which music permeates the atmosphere with emotions. This multidisciplinary artist, owner of Eclectik Recording, has performed works for movies, theater, commercials and dance, among others. Also highlight his role as visual artist performing the videoclips of most of his own works, proving to have a total creative control of his musical universe. Proof of this is [Miga_v19] "Angel A", which complements this release.

Under a band concept and several collaborations, Skeamo presents [Miga43] "eRA", 5 intimate songs where styles such as downtempo, jazz, glitch and trip hop converge. In this release you will find evocative soundscapes where the piano and female voices are the main characters. A trip into the personal universe of Jorge Sierra that becomes into dreams.

[Miga_v19] Skeamo "Angel A" from Miga on Vimeo.

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:: :: Skeamo ::

Skeamo - Miga

The music you will find in "eRA" is an artist’s diary. It is the closing chapter of (isola) Jorge Sierra’s path, a journey through the last 12 years of this musician and producer, a continuous, obsessive and passionate search, anxious to find and materialize the sound landscapes of his deepest secrets.

Like a phoenix of intangible time, his eternal reincarnation has turned to life as the prelude of an eternal trip.

A random selection of five songs chosen by the uncertain will of the present times. Skeamo brings together artists from different races, cultures and paths but with a common point of view: the courage of expressing their naked souls. Globalizing dreams... he continues his path along with them.

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[Miga_v19] Skeamo "Angel A"